The 6th International Conference on Eco-compensation and Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)

Eco-compensation broadly refers to a range of potential policy directions and approaches to environmental management, with the goal of improving outcomes by accounting for the costs and benefits of environmental goods and services in economic activities. In 2016, the PRC’s National Development and Reform Commission, tasked with developing a national eco-compensation regulatory framework, described eco-compensation as:

  • Rewards for protecting ecosystems and natural resources
  • Compensation for environmental damage
  • Fees charged to those who pollute the environment

The key objectives of this year’s international conference on eco-compensation and PES are to: 

  1. Facilitate information exchange on innovations and progress in eco-compensation across the PRC to interested parties within the PRC and other developing countries
  2. Help key stakeholders in the PRC and other developing countries understand current progress of international experiences in PES and other innovative financing mechanisms for environmental management
  3. Better understand and strengthen the linkages between eco-compensation, PES and poverty reduction
  4. Strengthen the global network amongst eco-compensation and PES practitioners

The Asian Development Bank supports the PRC’s eco-compensation agenda through technical assistance projects, pilot programs at provincial and sub-provincial levels, and knowledge support for the national eco-compensation legislative framework and technical guidelines.


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Further logistic details for the event is available  here